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Stanley Park

The Seawall

You feel the rush of the waves roll upon your feet, sands shaping over your toes, and a billowing wind of excitement towers over your head. Remind you of anything familiar? I’m talking about the seawall, because not only can you ride your bike and do exercise on it, but you can have stops to go sit on the beach. This is Stanley Park’s infamous seawall, in which thousands of people visit during the summer to enjoy their stay at Vancouver.

The Ocean View

How often is the view so brilliant from a place that is so free and elegant. Like the waves you hear upon the ocean beyond, wondering how many sea creatures live under there. Once in a while, may you spot a whale, or a fin stalking up from  below. Enjoy the view, and enjoy many things that come with it including sunsets, walks, and furry friends hiding in the bushes.

The Stuff that counts

Family is always first, and Bright Lights at Stanley Park takes place during the Christmas time, when snow is on the ground, and the forest is sparkling with unknown wonders just waiting to greet you.

The smell of nature

Breathe the warm crisp willow air… or was it an Oak tree you just smelt? No matter what, you will always be dazzled by tall trees, deep soil, the sun shining in the distance, and nature hikes during your journey in this  wild adventure at Stanley Park.

The Ride There

And of course, you wouldn’t be able to get there without transportation, the best thing about Stanley Park is riding there in style. Come upon Vancouver Minibus Tours, and drive around the park knowing that this beautiful place is true to your heart,  your soul, your body, and your mind. Come to Stanley Park, located next to English Bay in Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

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Vancouver Minibus Tours


Queen Elizabeth Park, Vancouver

There’s not every time a huge beautiful park is named after Our Queen, isn’t there? We do in fact live in a colony, and our Queen is Elizabeth, of England. That’s one thing that makes Canada unique, we live in a country of diversity, and we have different roles in our lifestyles.

Queen Elizabeth Park is a great place to visit, because of its magical atrocities that will fill your heart with its unique joy and wonder. It contains beautiful gardens, parks, and it is mostly comprised of trees, although you can find water fountains, a conservatory, and restaurants there also. Sometimes on various occasions you can see an outdoor theatre performance, birthday parties, or scavenger hunts. On normal days you can spot runners, people throwing frisbees, or walking their dogs – normal park activities.
Prom/graduate pictures are usually taken at this fabulous place

Other activities might be weddings or graduation photos. It is a great backdrop on all occasions basically. On your way through to Queen Elizabeth park, you might also spot a Duck pond, which is filled with at least 4 dozens of ducks, people like to feed them, but the food they eat is not necessarily healthy. However, they are used to getting fed.\

In the winter when it snows, tubing and sledding are a popular sport, for the park consists of a huge hill, and parents like to take their kids, and kids like to take their friends. You could also catch someone riding the bike maybe, but that happens all over Vancouver.

Would you like a ride to Queen Elizabeth for your graduation photos, or simply pure bliss with your loved ones, call Vancouver Mini Bus and get your ride here today, at 604-874-4896.

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